Why Do We Love Townhouses?

Why do we like townhouses so much? Why do we prefer townhouses over detached single family homes?

Well, we feel that townhouses offer a special and unique blend of attributes that make living in them a very positive experience. We also feel that they make excellent investment properties. Here are a few reasons we like townhouses more than other types of properties so much:

♥ They are typically lower maintenance

♥ They offer a great sense of community

♥ They rent easily so they make great investments

♥ They maintain their value

♥ They are often in very desirable parts of town

♥ They usually have nice community amenities such as swimming pools and playgrounds

♥ In many communities, the HOA takes care of a lot of the exterior maintenance

Detached homes are great and have many advantages also, but we do like townhouses. If you have any comments you would like to share, please do!

Get in touch with us any time. Fill out the online form, call, or text us at 540-847-5687.


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